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Welcome to our BMW Navigation update forums!
This site is awesome and is a fraction of the cost of updating that you would pay with BMW. The whole process was quick and simple and I was successful on the first try. Thanks Nick for your help on this. It was a great experience.
Premium map updated. Everything worked as intended first time. The whole process takes a few hours so be prepared to have your car running a couple hours. If you want to cut that time back some I would suggest having two USB thumb drives so you can flip flop them while loading one in the car while preparing the next one to be loaded. They are cheap!
Just updated the nav system in a 2014 US based X5 and everything worked beautifully. First attempts were unsuccessful for reasons apparently related to using a Mac to create the USB. But Nick counseled me to do everything via Windows with an old and SLOW USB 2.0 drive and everything was smooth from there. High marks for the product and for the support provided along the way. One small suggestion: The instructions could use a good edit and rewrite but the essentials are there.
Hi Nick, the installation and update process went very smoothly, it took about half an hour to install map updates to my BMW X1 after FSC code applied - all working great.

Service was excellent from yourselves, instructions provided clear and easy to follow, and the price was very affordable.

I highly recommend you to anyone who is sceptical, I am very happy.
Just wanted to provide a short comment on my recent map update. Downloading the maps and installing them went without issues and all my questions were answered very quickly and very accurately. Thank you for the great service and I will use the service again in the future.
Perfect map update, took less than an hour in the car.Thanks Nick.
Just updated an 2015 X3.  Works fine! Smile
I did the 2018-2_Next_Europe update. Worked like a charm.

I just installed the update on my 2014 328D.  There was a glitch and it did not load the first time.  I think the problem was that my computer hard drive was too full when I tried to downloaded the upgrade.  I did not get an error message, but for some reason, the car would not accept the supplied FSC code.  

I cleaned some data off my hard drive, downloaded the map data again, re-installed it on the 32gb usb, and used a new FSC code that Nick graciously supplied, and everything worked perfectly.  Thank you for your patience Nick!!

This was my third update, and all have worked perfectly.  I am a happy customer.
Just a note to say that I just updated my 2015 535xi to Next 2019-1 with no trouble at all.  Nick was very courteous and helpful throughout.

I also wanted to note that my 535 had no trouble using my 64 GB USB 3.0 formatted as purchased with exFAT.  All I had to do was copy the 4 directories and 3 files to its root and I was off and running.

2018-2 map version installed in my 335xi 2013.
I used a Kingston 64 GB usb 3.0 / 2.0. Loading took 1 HR while I was travel.
Thanks for the update and support Nick, all questions answered completely and promptly guiding me through the process to a very satisfactory result. Finally I am 7 digit postcodes too!

I have updated to 2018-2 Premium (UK & Europe).

No problems with recognition of the stick in the car, FSC-code entered and the transfer of the map datas started. The process finished after about 100 minutes. That was it. All okay. Fine.
Georg from Vienna-Austria
Uploaded 2019-1 for my BMW 535 ix 2013. No problem!!
Hi Nick,
I have to say I was very skeptical when I found your offer following a google search. I did some digging and decided to give you guys a go..... 
You were very approachable from the initial contact, to the identification of my vehicle to the assistance with the download and installation process.

The maps work first time round with no glitches and your follow up demonstrated excellent customer aftercare.

Thank you very much for everything. Recommended 100%.

Pete D.
Thanks again for the professional way that you helped me load the new map for my BMW X3 the information was a great help easy to follow and got the maps loaded. Just two emails and I was up running first class service will be recommended your site to friends
Hello Nick. I need the European update for my X-3. The car is US spec but I have it in Spain. I was told by the dealership that they need to do the first update. After that I can do the ones after. Are they correct?
(10-02-2018, 10:43 AM)CharlesKlatte Wrote: Hello Nick.  I need the European update for my X-3.  The car is US spec but I have it in Spain.  I was told by the dealership that they need to do the first update.  After that I can do the ones after.  Are they correct?

No, they are incorrect, you can do it without having them doing it first time.
Thank you. The navi update works well. Download and Installation were easy, the instructions and support great, no problems.

Installed the new maps 2019 NEXT version. Took about 45 mins after code was installed. Thanks for all the email replies.. Appreciate your help.


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