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Welcome to our BMW Navigation update forums!
Great value, and easy to install, if you follow the directions.  

The instructions do not say to click on OK after entering the FSC and it took me several turns before I noticed that in the email with the FSC.  The instructions say to keep the car running while installing the four USB sticks, but I just left the ignition on and hooked up a battery charger.  I found it easier to use four sticks as my computer took a couple of hours to download the files.  And the instructions say if you interrupt the download you will have to start over.  I did not, it just picked up where I stopped.
Map update completed successfully. I had issues with a slow download but Nick guided me through it

I'm very satisfied
Thanks Nick for the update service.

Everything went smoothly, just follow the directions exactly.  I used a 64GB USB 2.0 to hold the 2019-1 NEXT NA maps.  If the stick was formatted on a MAC you definitely need to remove meta files.  BlueHarvest did the trick for me.  Uploading the maps into the vehicle took about 40 mins.  You don't need to leave the car running but the ignition should be on and a battery charger wouldn't hurt.

Nick provides great support and is there if you need help.
Everything worked as expected and on the first try.  Thanks for the prompt service Nick.
Hello Nick,
The update worked just fine and took pretty exactly 50 minutes.
Additional information:

I altered the procedure in two points:
1) I used 3 USB memory sticks (SanDisk Cruzer Facet 32 GB USB 2.0) and put each of the USB-folders contents on one of the three. This allowed to just change the USB sticks "on the fly" instead of reformatting and copying one stick three times.

2) I started the motor every 5 minutes for one minute and turned it off again. This allowed to not run the motor all the 50 minutes long and I so avoided to bother the neighbourhood. I chose the interval of 5 minutes to prevent the system to switch off automatically.
My best wishs for the new year 2019 !
Best regards

Hi Nick!
Thanks for the latest maps!
Even though I encountered some issues installing the new maps, your help and suggestions for remedy worked and the new maps were installed successfully!! Excellent service - thank you again!
Hi Nick, I couldn’t agree more with the positive threads - thanks for the new maps! They loaded up without an issue and your prompt responses to queries was much appreciated.
Hello Nick,

Worked well update MOTION 2019-1

Thanks for the quick reply!

Kind regards
I was very happy with the map update.  Given the ease of the process I will probably update more frequently than every 4 years!   Smile
Hey Nick,

Just wanted to say thanks for the latest map update. Everything worked and no issues popped up. Highly recommended for future updates!!!

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